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[ANNOUNCE] libftdi 1.3 final

Thomas Jarosch

I'm pleased to announce the final version of libftdi 1.3.

Main highlights
* Added ftdi_usb_get_strings2() to prevent automatic device close (Fahrzin Hemmati)
* Added ftdi_transfer_data_cancel() for cancellation of a submitted transfer,
  avoided resubmittion of a canceled transfer in the callbacks,
  replaced calls to libusb_handle_events with
  libusb_handle_events_timeout_completed (Eugene Hutorny)
* ftdi_eeprom / eeprom handling:
  * Add support for arbitrary user data (Salvador Eduardo Tropea)
  * Add --build-eeprom support (Salvador Eduardo Tropea)
  * Fix use_usb_version config file option (Thilo Schulz)
  * Ability to include other config files in EEPROM config file (Thilo Schulz)
  * Add external oscillator enable bit (Raphael Assenat)
  * Support channel configuration (Stephan Linz)
  * Added --device option to ftdi_eeprom to specify FTDI device (Robin Haberkorn)
  * Fixed EEPROM user-area space checks for FT232R and FT245R chips (Robin Haberkorn)
* Various improvements to CBUS handling, including the EEPROM (Robin Haberkorn)
* swig wrapper: Fix handling of binary strings in ftdi_write_data()
  for python 3 (xantares09)
* cbus python example code (Rodney Sinclair)
* ftdi_stream: fix timeout setting (Ларионов Даниил)
* Fixed typo in CBUS defines: CBUSG_DRIVE1 -> CBUSH_DRIVE1


GPG signature:

SHA1 checksum:
ff3bdc8ec6f9e0fffc735e2b4708fe574289107f  libftdi1-1.3.tar.bz2

Full changelog:

A big "Thank you" to all the developers and contributors involved!

Best regards,
Thomas Jarosch

libftdi - see http://www.intra2net.com/en/developer/libftdi for details.
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