FT245 synchronous fifo VHDL and sample code

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FT245 synchronous fifo VHDL and sample code

Marc Pignat
Dear libftdi community,

I'm using the libftdi library to communicate with a ftdi chip in ft245 synchronous fifo mode.

I have mostly tested the download (ftdi to host direction), and I have some great bandwidth : 48.6 MB/s !
(48.6 MB/s comes from dd and dd probably uses 1MB = 10^6 bytes, not 1024*1024)

I would like to share with you my C/C++ and VDHL code.

* https://github.com/RandomReaper/ft2tcp
        This sofware connects to a ftdi chip, configure it in synchronous fifo mode
        and make the (bidirectional) stream available on a TCP socket.

* https://github.com/RandomReaper/pim-vhdl
        This is my VHDL library, including the ft245 synchronous interface (hdl/rtl/ft245_sync_if/ft245_sync_if.vhd)
        and some examples using it (board/mimas/projects/ft245_counter_to_host for the bandwidth test).

The hardware has been tested on:
        * Xilinx Spartan 6 (XC6SLX9) + ft2232h
        * Actel igloo (I forget the model name) + ft2232h

The software has been tested on:
        * Ubuntu 16.10 LTS AMD64 bits on a core-i7 (download speed : 48.6 MB/s).
        * Windows 7 64 bits (download speed : 38.9 MB/s).
        * raspbian on a raspberry pi 2b (download speed : 36.6 MB/s).
        * Ubilinux on an intel edison (download speed around 15 MB/s).

Thank you for your great work!

Best regards


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