[PATCH] EEPROM CBUS function fixes and ftdi_eeprom support

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[PATCH] EEPROM CBUS function fixes and ftdi_eeprom support

Robin Haberkorn
Hi again,

you find attached a patch that applies to libftdi's master branch.
It fixes and cleans up the CBUS function constants and adds FT232H as
well as FT230X CBUS function config support to the ftdi_eeprom tool.

This will actually allow you to program the CBUS functions on a FT230X
in a way that matches what "FT Prog" does. The "eeprom.c" example will
also now display the correct values on this chip.
See the patch file's comment for more details.

One thing I'm not sure about: I removed the CBUS_BB constant as FTDI's
ftd2xx.h has nothing like it. But I haven't read the type R's data
sheets. If there is indeed any use for this constant, just tell me and I
will revise this patch.

Best regards,
Robin Haberkorn

btw.: Is this mailing list the preferred way of sending patches? Is
there any official Github mirror I can send pull requests to?

Robin Haberkorn

metraTec GmbH
Werner-Heisenberg-Str. 1
39106 Magdeburg

[hidden email]

libftdi - see http://www.intra2net.com/en/developer/libftdi for details.
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cbus_fixes.patch (16K) Download Attachment