Strange behaviour of ftdi_set_bitmode

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Strange behaviour of ftdi_set_bitmode


I'm trying to configure FT2232D device for SPI mode. The strange thing
is that after configuration with

ftdi_set_bitmode(ftdi,0, BITMODE_MPSSE);

the device accepts any commands, even if they are not used in FTDI
datasheets. For example, in datasheet it is proposed to use 0xAB opcode
to get "Bad Command" (0xFA) response, however, device doesn't reply
meaning that it accepts the command. I tried to check if the device
works with classical BITMODE_BITBANG, here everything was fine and I was
able to receive the byte on the output. Then I tried just to send a
random bitmode pattern (like 0xAF) with the ftdi_set_bitmode and device
still accepted it (return value of the command is 0). Is it a feature of
the libftdi that wrong commands are ignored (or substituted with correct
one), or it is just something weird in my code?

   ftdi = ftdi_new();
   versionFTDI = ftdi_get_library_version();
   printf("Initialized libftdi %s (major: %d, minor: %d, micro: %d,
snapshot ver: %s)\n", versionFTDI.version_str, versionFTDI.major,    
versionFTDI.minor, versionFTDI.micro, versionFTDI.snapshot_str);
      //Output:Initialized libftdi 1.4rc1 (major: 1, minor: 4, micro: 0,
snapshot ver: v1.4rc1-6-g7c2a685)
   exit_code = ftdi_usb_open(ftdi, FT2232D_vendor, FT2232D_product);
      //works as expected, i.e. fails if device is not connected or not
enough rights to access it
   exit_code = ftdi_usb_reset(ftdi);
      //works as expected
   exit_code = ftdi_set_error_char(ftdi, 0, 0);
   exit_code = ftdi_set_event_char(ftdi, 0, 0);
   exit_code = ftdi_set_latency_timer(ftdi, 255);
   exit_code = ftdi_setflowctrl(ftdi, SIO_RTS_CTS_HS);
   exit_code = ftdi_set_bitmode(ftdi,0, BITMODE_MPSSE);
      //ftdi_set_bitmode accepts any mode even if it is not defined in
ftdi_mpsse_mode; exit_code is always 0
   buffer[0] = 0xAB;
   exit_code = ftdi_write_data(ftdi, buffer, 1);
      //exit_code == 1
   exit_code = ftdi_read_data(ftdi, buffer, 1);
      //exit_code==0; buffer is empty

Thank you in advance

Best regards,

libftdi - see for details.
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