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blank eeproms

Clive Stubbings

I'm having a bit of difficulty talking to blank eeproms. eeprom->size is not
accessible from outside the library and there seems to be no way to get the
library to set it for some devices.

The following patch will help. I think this behavior makes more sense since you
are writing the raw eeprom content to the library.

@@ -3969,6 +3971,8 @@ int ftdi_set_eeprom_buf(struct ftdi_context *ftdi, const unsigned char * buf, in

      memcpy(ftdi->eeprom->buf, buf, size);

+ ftdi->eeprom->size = size;
      return 0;


libftdi - see http://www.intra2net.com/en/developer/libftdi for details.
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