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eeprom->chip problem

Sniegowski, Dean
Hello I'm using a 4232H device with a 93x56 eeprom.

I was having a problem writing to the eeprom. My manufacturer, product, and serial strings are written to the wrong location.

My code looks like:

ftdi_eeprom_initdefaults(ftdi, "manufact1", "product2", "serial3" );
ftdi->eeprom->product_id = 0x6011;
ftdi->eeprom->vendor_id = 0x0403;

The problem is ftdi_eeprom_initdefaults zeroizes the ftdi->eeprom struct. This includes ftdi->eeprom->chip.

When ftdi_eeprom_build is called,  

 2581     if (eeprom->size == -1)
 2582     {
 2583         if ((eeprom->chip == 0x56) || (eeprom->chip == 0x66))
 2584             eeprom->size = 0x100;
 2585         else
 2586             eeprom->size = 0x80;
 2587     }

eeprom size is incorrect set to  0x80 instead to 0x100

It seems like ftdi_eeprom_initdefaults should set the eeprom->chip like ftdi_erase_eeprom() does it.

libftdi - see for details.
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