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libftdi-1.0 and SuSE

Jie Zhang-2
We are investigating an issue about using libftdi-1.0 on SuSE 11.0 or
11.1. When read transfer is done from FT2232L, I got packet like this:

buf[0] = 0x31  buf[1] = 0x60  buf[2] = 0x31  buf[3] = 0x60  buf[4] =
0x31  buf[5] = 0x60  buf[6] = 0x20  buf[7] = 0x10  buf[8] = 0xD0

You can see there are three pairs of status bytes in the packet. While
on Debian, I got three packets like this:

buf[0] = 0x31  buf[1] = 0x60
buf[0] = 0x31  buf[1] = 0x60
buf[0] = 0x31  buf[1] = 0x60  buf[2] = 0x20  buf[3] = 0x10  buf[4] = 0xF0

FT2232H has a similar issue on SuSE:

buf[0] = 0x32  buf[1] = 0x60  buf[2] = 0x32  buf[3] = 0x60  buf[4] =
0x20  buf[5] = 0x10  buf[6] = 0xD0

while on Debian:

buf[0] = 0x32  buf[1] = 0x60
buf[0] = 0x32  buf[1] = 0x60  buf[2] = 0x20  buf[3] = 0x10  buf[4] = 0xF0

Does anyone know why the packet has 3 pairs of status bytes in one packet?

To see this error, you may need the attached patch for libftdi-1.0.


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