libftdi 1.4 release candidate (rc1)

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libftdi 1.4 release candidate (rc1)

Thomas Jarosch

I'm pleased to announce the release candidate of libftdi 1.4.

Main highlights
* Use BM/R series baud rate computation for FT230X
* ftdi_get_error_string() now returns const char*
* small build fixes and improvements in the python examples
* ftdi_eeprom / eeprom handling:
  * New API function: ftdi_eeprom_get_strings()
  * Fix USE_SERIAL handling for 230X type chips
  * Make ftdi_read_eeprom_location() endianness independent
  * Fix flashing of FT245R

Please give it some good testing. Final release is planned mid-April.


GPG signature:

Let me know if something important is missing in the ChangeLog:;a=blob;f=ChangeLog;hb=HEAD

While updating the copyright year in ftdi.c, I noticed libftdi was started
on 2003-04-04. Happy birthday libftdi!

Best regards,
Thomas Jarosch

libftdi - see for details.
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